I make order out of chaos. My talent is uncovering, assimilating and synthesizing a lot of information and I help the teams and individuals I work with to do the same.

My services include one-on-one coaching, business team facilitation, retreat facilitation for Forums and Mastermind groups, and workshops, organized by me or by you!

Every group and event is a little different so I build custom agendas and adapt on the fly as needed. But since we are objective-driven, not agenda-driven, I ensure the depth and value is always there.

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Coaching • Training • Facilitating • EOS® Implementation.
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Rachel is fully in her rockstardom. She’s thorough, detailed, gives every tool she has in the way it was meant to be given for YOU (not just in order to follow the process), and makes sure you get more value than you expect out of working with her. She may come across aloof, but that’s because she’s working through all the details AND the big picture all at the same time. She’s a force to be reckoned with.
— Melanie Spring