The Entrepreneur's Guidebook


By Rachel Downey

The entrepreneur's life can be many things: exciting, rewarding, and challenging, but also lonely, frustrating, and exhausting. The Entrepreneur's Guidebook is your companion in the journey. Designed like a travel guide, it helps you identify what to pack, the mindset you need to carry, and tales from the trenches of entrepreneurs who were once in your boots!

Within this book is the Personal Wayfinder Toolkit that will help you map your destinations for both your life and your business and ensure they are in alignment, keeping you successful and sane! 

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You have the opportunity to choose your own adventure in life. This is the book to set you on your course down the Path of your own Intentions. 


I knew Rachel would make an impact in my life from the moment she asked one simple question: “So tell me...why?” This sparked a journey of discovery to go beyond shallow answers and search deeper for real purpose. The tools, resources and advice Rachel has shared along the way have given me a new sense of confidence that I’m carving a path with intention and focus. This mindset has resulted in personal, professional and business growth that I never knew was possible!
— Jackie Bebenroth

You have the drive. I have the map. Let's go for a ride. 
(still in development… contact me for an early draft!)