G E T   G U I D E D

EOS® Implementation

As an EOS Implementer, I work with leadership teams in small businesses (one-half million to $5 million in revenues) to help implement the EOS/Traction Model and Six Key Components™ (Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, Traction). Each session below takes one day except Annual Planning which is two days.

- Focus Day™
- Two Vision Building™ Days
- Quarterly Planning Meetings
- Annual Planning Meeting
- Level 10 Meeting™ or General Tune-Up

$4500/day + travel


G E T   G U I D E D

One-on-One Consulting

Whether you have a specific issue you want to address or just want to ensure that you are on the path to maximize your business experience, I can help you customize the roadmap to your destination and support you along the way.

  • Rescue Mission – one time deep dive on a particular topic or issue, up to 4 hours

  • Quick Hike – 3 to 4 month engagement, 60 minute call or meeting twice per month plus email access

  • Guided Tour – 6 to 12 month engagement, 90 minute call or meeting every two to three weeks plus email access

$3000 for typical Quick Hike (16 week) engagement


G E T   G U I D E D

Small Group Facilitation

Groups have a dynamic all their own. Facilitating healthy, productive conversation toward aligned goals is my game. I work with leadership teams, EO Forums, Masterminds, and other cooperative groups to dig up the icky and design the sticky work... the stuff that has actionable qualities and inspiring ideals. 

  • Whyfinding Workshop – Find your Why (your Purpose) and develop it into a statement. Great for leadership teams, EO Forums or individuals seeking to know their Purpose.
    4 hours plus pre-work. Ideal size: 8-10 participants

  • Personal Wayfinder Workshop – Develop your plan to move your business and your life forward in alignment and with intention. Great for EO Forums or individuals.
    Full day plus pre-work. Ideal size: 8-16 participants

  • Wayfinding Retreat Facilitation – Half, full, or two-day retreat facilitation to guide discussion, depth and destination design. Includes building a customized agenda. Great for leadership teams or EO Forums.

$250/person for workshops (8 minimum)
$3000/day for retreats + travel and expenses

Focus day would not have ended with as many long-time employees as it did if it were not for Rachel’s empathy and compassion in regard to some of our internal struggles. As we aired our issues with current processes and personnel it dawned on me of how challenging self-implementation would have been with so many strong emotions in the room. EOS has been a godsend. We are eternally grateful to Rachel Downey for her practiced patience and expertise in order to get us to the heart of some of our most challenging obstacles. Nine months later they are our biggest successes.
— Ben Bebenroth

The EOS system Rachel taught was amazing! While some of it was things I know, when put together and presented in the way the EOS system does, it brought everything needed to move forward to the forefront of my mind.
— Sherrell Martin

Rachel is a badass implementer and intuitive leader who knows how to party AND get shit done.
— Sarai Johnson