I Cheated! Or did I?


There is Room for Everyone Here

I cheated on my new yoga studio today and learned a big lesson.

On arriving in Littleton, Colorado, I went straight to Outlaw Yoga and took my first Outlaw class. I had seen their studio months before we moved and determined that Outlaw would be my place. When I started classes, it was everything I had hoped for: a laid-back studio, a sweaty workout, and a strong focus on community. My vibrational alignment with this studio is so strong that I cry most classes and won a six-pack of free classes in my second visit. (Yea, Universe!)

My allegiance at Outlaw is already strong.

But I was curious about Maha Soul, the other studio across the street from Outlaw. What were they all about?

Today, I went to find out. Walking down the street with my yoga mat strapped to my back, I found myself nervous. What if there was an Outlaw class at the same time and my yogi buddies were milling about? In other words, what if I got caught!?

It sounds silly but I felt like I was cheating. As if there wasn’t room for two studios in my life. And Maha Soul offers something very different than Outlaw. Their premise is about spirituality, slowing down, and soul and energy work. Stuff I also love.

One offers connection to others. One enhances connection to self. Same but different.

This insight was just what I needed at this time. 

As I’ve been writing a book and building a business centered around helping entrepreneurs, I have frequently found myself comparing myself to other coaches, consultants, and facilitators. And often in those comparisons I worry that I fall short or am trying to occupy an already-crowded space.

But I’m not. I offer something different: a unique perspective, a particular blend of knowledge and experience, and a niche audience expertise that others don’t have. I do what I do best that no one else can do quite like me. When the student is ready, the right teacher appears. 

Some folks need one kind of yoga studio, some folks need another. Sometimes that same person needs a little bit of what each has to offer at different times. There is space for both on the same block.



What or who are you needlessly comparing yourself to these days?

Can you find the differences and understand the meaningfulness in them?

How can you better emphasize those differences rather than shushing them away?

And when is the last time you spent some time connecting with you? Go get yourself yoga’d or whatever you need to look inside and love the stuff that makes you, you.