The Pain of Changing Plans

Sometimes the signs are clear. Sometimes they are not. Sometimes they are telling you to go in a direction you didn’t expect.

Sometimes the signs are clear. Sometimes they are not. Sometimes they are telling you to go in a direction you didn’t expect.

Change is the Only Constant

Are you the kind of person who, when they say they will do something, DOES IT? Your integrity is strong. Your commitment is solid. You can be counted on to get the job done.

But what happens when the Universe is telling you otherwise? What does it feel like when all signs point to the right when you were gung-ho on going left. For me, it sucks.

I have been writing a book this year with the intent to launch in December. It’s a really good book. I am excited to share it. I’ve written hundreds of pages, endlessly edited it, and lined up my Beta Reader team. I have an illustrator identified and a design layout ready to go. My writing coach has been supporting me and I could still, conceivably, make it happen; I’m not that far behind. 

But everything around the timing has been feeling wrong. The Universe (in partnership with my pragmatic brain) is going “hold your horses there, missy!” You just moved across the country, are trying to launch a business, and have committed to some serious volunteer time. You need more stories before the book is ready which requires more time to talk to more entrepreneurs. Also, remember that other promise you made to yourself? The one when you swore you would not overwork when you landed in Colorado but would chill out for a bit and get into a yoga rhythm? Yea, you have yourself a conflict here. Something has got to give.

“But no!” I wail! I said I would do this. The Beta Readers are waiting!


Something about my plans had to change and frankly, at first I felt like a failure. I feel like I’ve gone back on my commitment, even if it was only to myself.

But here’s the thing: once I committed to a change in my plans, all the stress that was weighing me down evaporated. I reset my priorities, putting all the things I have to do into a logical order. The timelines and financial obligations pattern out better.

The book will still happen, just not in my original timeline. No one deems it a failure and truthfully, the book will be far better for giving myself a little time to gain some distance, perspective and insight about the message I’m sharing. Win-win!


What have you committed to that is no longer serving you? A promise, a timeline, a project, or maybe a self-imposed idea about “how the way things should be” when really, there is no such thing?  

Use your imagination to picture what your life could look like. What are the feelings associated with that life? Joy? Satisfaction? Expansion? Embrace those feelings.

Give yourself a break. Reset your priorities and freshen up your outlook. And take that gorilla off your back. You’ll feel much better.