My Philosophy

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I’ve been there…

Having started, run and grown my own entrepreneurial business, I know that all is not always as it seems.

Even for outwardly successful businesses, sometimes, the idea is bigger than the resources. That sometimes, the road ahead is riddled with complexity, growing pains and indecision. That people issues are bigger than anyone wants to admit. That cash is tighter than desired. That leadership is really freakin’ hard.

My philosophy in working with my clients is to…

right-size the content to meet them where they are.

give them tools that are implementable immediately while also providing a foundation for scalability and growth.

be nimble and change agendas as necessary to accommodate the rapid and dramatic changes that occur in smaller businesses.

be available and open to listening, regardless of what needs to be said.

check in mid-quarter to ensure things are on track and answer questions.

walk into the uncomfortable and call it as I see it.

require accountability to do the things necessary to move the business forward.

I get it. I’ve been there. I can help you get things on track for health, growth and sanity.