The Business Consultant for Wayward Entrepreneurs.


Guiding you through the entrepreneurial wilderness.

When business circumstances lead your life astray, I help you pinpoint a new destination and map the path to get there.

As the Business Guide for Wayward Entrepreneurs, I work with owners of small businesses* to help them get back on the path they’re destined for!

My backpack of essential equipment comes from EOS®, The Rockefeller Habits, and 21 years of entrepreneurship. I’ve got a tool for every project and a map for every trail.

I’m a guide, wayfinder and experienced business owner who can help you find your way!

*my specialty is the underappreciated category of businesses under $5 million in revenue

Rachel Downey Business Guide: Training, speaking, facilitating … whatever it looks like, Rachel is comfortable in front of a room, sharing knowledge and getting the conversation going. Every teach or talk results in tangible takeaways!


Ready for the journey

Are you a Wayward Entrepreneur? Do you prefer to blaze your own trail but sometimes get caught up in the weeds? Or you may have even taken a wrong turn somewhere? I help business owners get back on the path to success and fulfillment.

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Rachel is a badass businesswoman and an inspirational mentor. She has coached me through tough business situations and provided clarity on how to strategically grow my agency. From suggesting smart resources, to pushing me just a bit beyond my comfort zone, to being a genuinely caring friend, Rachel is all you could ever wish for in a business guide.
— Jen Lombardi